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Originally Posted by Khoon
I tried to go back on Lunia few days ago...
And I noticed that Lunia is migrating, again! OMG o_O
You guys should do it soon before it's too late. Especially you, Jess!
I don't want to see what happens to the guild when guild master's account disappear LOL.
Even though we don't play it now, it'll be sad if we lose control of the guild completely.
You can migrate your account until end of July.

BTW, It's good that they didn't decide to shut it down
Instead, developer company is running the game now. W00t.

Anyways, what's are you guys up to these days?
After quitting Lunia, I've been playing Maplestory and Vindictus.
I'm playing Starcraft 2 now. Not so much though, kinda afraid to play it... o_O
People are too good to play with for newbie like me
When May 5th arrive, I'll be playing Diablo 3.

IRL, I'm done working with my uncle now and I've been helping family business.
Donut shop business :P
It's was really busy like CRAZY after my parents bought another place early this year...
Had to wake up at 11 PM, closed at 1 PM next day, then had to go sleep at 5 PM.
When I had to go buy stuff, I could go back home at like 3-4 PM
Now, it's all good and I'm back on studying.
All I have to do is go help the new shop on Thursday and Friday
So happy.... lol

Okay, that's all I wanted to share.
I had to drop by here and post something when I saw Titans guild in Lunia

T_T I miss you guys lunia isnt the same