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Taiwans mega cluster of events

1st off web breaking cap
(00 quant and some other suits) you need to use the load or coin+ load

2nd Rank Up Event
get to rank below Sergeant Major 10k G
get to rank same or above Sergeant Major 10k G+4 coins

3rd event pvp play april 28 saturday 20:00-22:00 ~
play 5 battleship and get 5 pcs lvl protect

4th event pvp from 26-29 get shenlong 4c
大將賽 5場 26 - 3000g
大將賽 5場 27 - exp pck 200 x 3
death match x 5 28 - operator type D
death match x 5 29 - level protect

can anyone help translate those words on the 26th ? o.o well those are the events