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Oops, I forgot about this thing, teehee.


Mecha Googles can be helpful, but you eventually learn to do without them. Besides, it's more the accuracy boost than the MP-vision anyway.

The greater your enchantment level, the higher your odds of getting better sockets are. So enchant first, then socket.

And dunno, most people in KR don't care that much about stats, so whatever they feel looks good. To be honest, stats don't play that huge of a role in PvP, although stat budgeting is important.

200 MP Ring for EM.


He was originally fairly overpowered with his skills, but they nerfed him back down to weak; in other words, he was an "easy-mode" class. To be honest, LK was, is, and still is the more OP class... assuming you know how to use it.