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Eh, I've been told to make a resume, but... I've also heard it would be kinda pointless. Since I don't really have anything to put on there.

But I was talking to my dad who's had a job ever since he was 16 (he's like 52 right now) and he asked if I had a resume. I said "Well... no. I mean, I don't really have anything worth a crap to put onto the resume, so I don't really see any point in it." then he said "Well, think about this. You and one other person apply for a job. He has the same amount of inexperience you do. Dropped out of school like you did. Never had a job. But he went through the trouble of obtaining a resume. You didn't. That shows that the other person is willing to put in effort, as opposed to you looking like you don't care or are slacking off." to which I said "Yeah, I suppose you're right."

So, blegh. But I don't even know where or how to create a resume. I could ask a friend, though.

Also, wanted to add something. Uhm, my mom's going to school. Everest, I think it is. They're paying her for going to school there after a few months, and giving her a laptop as well. Lol. She wants me to go since I'd get paid for it too, but I don't care for any of the degrees there. Nothing interests me. But it's something like $2,200 ~ $2,500 after a few months. But what I really want to do is get a job somewhere and get some money saved up so I can be nice and stable, and then apply for loans/grants to try to get into ITT Tech, if possible. That's where my dreams and interests lie. Do you guys think that's kinda... setting my expectations too high and such?

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