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Originally Posted by Valese
Well.. I've read your story, Merceless' story, and the comments posted by friends and other people.

I'm a friend of Merceless, but that doesn't stand in my way of pointing out something that bothers me in 1 of your screenshots.

Now I don't want to believe Merceless is a scammer just because he's my friend, but as I've been through something similar like this before where I had all the evidence needed except 1 thing, and the scammers' friends were all supporting him while knowing he scammed me, I don't want to do the same.

A few of these have been pointed out already by posters above me.

1. If you really are a regular seller, you should know that there /are/ scammers everywhere, and you should never gift first if you don't know the person well.

2. 12k MyShop for 480m = 40m/1k, which isn't cheap at all in my opinion. If you did want more money afterwards.. you really need to get over it and grow up and stop being greedy. If he really didn't pay you... then that's sad and I feel for you -_- but seeing as you didn't take enough screenshots to prove your case, all you can do is learn from your mistakes and do it different next time to prevent getting scammed again. (Like not gifting first, for example.)

3. I think it's very weird of Merceless to say "o.o Ramdom much?" and "Grow up" after you repeat "Pay me" several times. So I don't even want to say anything about that.

4. NOW. The only thing that bothered me about all of this was something I haven't seen anyone mention, /at all/.

Merceless claims he was offline for 10 minutes, while the victim says the 2nd screenshot was taken an hour after Merceless got gifted and logged off. If anyone even bothered looking at the time stamps, you could clearly see that screenshot #0135 was taken at 15:43:50, then screenshot # 0139 was taken at 16:39:43. Which is approximately an hour later. I think it's highly unlikely for the victim to have "prepared" false evidence, considering the fact he's lacking enough evidence as is.

Also something else that bothers me in the 2nd screenshot is the amount of Galders this person has on him. He has 1.6m, the 480m is missing. The 1 hour time lapse, in this case, doesn't work in his favor, he could've went and banked it, traded it to another character, and so on.

Last thing I want to point out is the number of screenshots. I saved them to zoom in and noticed the names are "Screenshot0135" / "Screenshot0139" and "Screenshot0140". Mind if I ask what the 4 screenshots taken in between the first and 2nd are of?
Dear God,

I was on my way back home from work (past midnight here) and was browsing through this discussion for further comments.

I must say, your analysis is fabulous.
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