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Had an urge to answer this
Originally Posted by HatebreedDan
Is ShK really that far apart from the other Elsword job changes in terms of end-game content?
By far it is the most fastest el job to gain/use WoTS system without using any of its actives or special to gain a bar, in terms of end-game terms dungeon wise; it is relatively easy for beginners to Elsword to use ShK to its full potential while LK/RS need some time to master it but as it boils down to the near end ShK cant seem to break that OP-ness of what advanced/pro players want to achieve from their character of choice......

- Tactful application of it's skills to "proper" situation/s makes most of its skills shine out along with WoTS at hand as well but mind the newbs they will get some hard time concentrating at throwing skills in the proper time in order to blend in with their team mates or just mindlessly clear the area with irritating flying critters

- Your state of the art "spam yo skills at sight" type of character, both pro and newbies would like this guy due to the fact that he can sustain damage whenever or wherever you fall in place with

- Mixed dude with hook, semi-wind ward, semi-arma blade, semi-black space attached to Elsword. Fun guy to try if you have experience with LK/RS since most of his skills are attuned in "getting the enemy in place whenever you want too" (less thinking)

Originally Posted by HatebreedDan
I've heard that some LK mains in KR converted to ShK after a few days of its release.
it was because of the "hook hype" and the endless shitty XX spam with tehy released the derp so most went out to try the guy as well as the job converter since it has no limit as to how many times you change your job. Some converted back to LK when they heard ShK XX~XX combo has increased knockdown values at PvP (via March 28 remake on KR)

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