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Default Portal Fans Anyone?

Writing a script idea I have for either Portal3 or a movie thing...

Setting: Takes place exactly one year from the end of Portal 2, when Chell is freed from Arperture Science Labs.

Chell is now Married to a man named Florance, she has a steady job as a stock marketer, and payed to get the neurological chip in her neck removed. Still traumatized by her past, she cannot let go of anything from her days at Arperture. She keeps her Portal Gun and Clothes from then in a lockbox in her closet. Keeping the heart emblem from the companion cube GLADoS gave her on her night stand by her bed. Her husband is the only one to know of her past.

Over the past several nights, Chell has been getting strange dreams. About her being in Arpeture. The latest brings her to seeing Arperture Scientists ending GLADoS' life to create a new.

Then one night of reading at her bedside, she picks up the heart emblem to think of what the dreams mean. Then there's a pain in her neck, the heart emblem cracks and smokes, Chell sees a vision of her in front of a mirror, GLADoS standing behind her damaged and dismayed. GLADoS screams one silent word, "Help ME"

Chell awakes the next morning. Putting on the TV, Arperture is on the news. The CEO is there speaking of a new A.I named CALiE that will be in charge of a new world-wide Portal Test as a military release of the gun is offered.


This is as far as I got with story concept, comment?