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<+Crypt> meow~
* @Nicolice /kicks away stray cat.
<+Crypt> someone voiced everyone
<@Kowiz> world asploded
<@Kowiz> meow~
* @Nicolice /kicks away stray cat.
<+Crypt> lol <.<
<@Kowiz> meow
* @Nicolice /kicks away stray cat.
<@Kowiz> sfdjklajk;ld meow
<+Crypt> LOL
<+Crypt> omg
<@Kowiz> meow sdfjjsfldjdksfj
* @Nicolice /kicks away stray cat.
<+Drarin> great
<+Drarin> now she's going to say that whenever you speak
<+Drarin> meow
* Cath|away sets mode: -o Nicolice
<+Crypt> meow~
<@FuyouKaede> ._.
<@Cath|away> do eet.
* +Nicolice /kicks away stray cat.
<+Crypt> oh well
<@Kowiz> meow
<+Drarin> lol
<+Crypt> lol
* Nicolice was kicked by Cath|away (Nicolice)
* Nicolice (~Ichigo@Red.Violet) has joined #mymmogames
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Nicolice
<@FuyouKaede> q-q
<+Drarin> she's set me on ignore
<@Kowiz> meow
<+Drarin> so
<+Crypt> nice scripting
<@Kowiz> it's only on text for meow* :v
* @Nicolice (~Ichigo@Red.Violet) Quit (Quit: sigh...fine <_<)
<+Crypt> weeee
<+Crypt> meow~ meow~ meow~

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