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[07:50] <SpinSpinBunny> CATH
[07:50] * Caaaath facepalms
[07:50] <FuyouKaede> lol ._.
[07:50] <Caaaath> o hay spinny
[07:50] <SpinSpinBunny> SAVE USSS *points to crypt and me*
[07:50] <Drarin> BUNNY no spin
[07:51] <Drarin> BUNNY exercise
[07:51] <Caaaath> save from what?
[07:51] <FuyouKaede> yah
[07:51] <FuyouKaede> save from what
[07:51] <FuyouKaede> ~
[07:51] <Crypt> lol meow meow meow~
[07:51] <SpinSpinBunny> *points to Fuyou*
[07:51] <Caaaath> oh don't worry she'll take good care of you <3
[07:51] <Crypt> want to poison me D:
[07:51] <Drarin> miyu's a harmless girl
[07:51] <Drarin> what are you talking about
[07:51] <SpinSpinBunny> you sure about that
[07:51] <SpinSpinBunny> D=
[07:51] <SpinSpinBunny> *points to poisoned cookiess and axe*
[07:51] <FuyouKaede> <333
[07:52] <FuyouKaede> you both need caring and loving more
[07:52] <FuyouKaede> <3333333333333
[07:52] <Drarin> how do you know those cookies are poisoned
[07:52] * Drarin eats one
[07:52] <FuyouKaede> more caring, and loving <3
[07:52] <Drarin> see
[07:52] <Crypt> lol
[07:52] <Drarin> im perfectly alright
[07:52] <FuyouKaede> ~
[07:53] * Crypt stays close to Spin
[07:53] <SpinSpinBunny> That's because you exercise too much :V
o/ lol .
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