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Originally Posted by Bng422
Let's talk: Raphael.

What do you guys think? I'm enjoying the suit quite a bit. Any suit will benefit from mobile stun and those GN Claws are damn handy, damage and reload wise.

Mode 2 has mobile non KD beam that hurts like fck. Only downside I see is it being a double shot, so its harder to poke shoot. But other than that w2 is very handy, giving Raphael a pretty versatile beam weaponset. I hardly use the melee, since most suits just melt before they get to you, but having no melee boost is a very nice thing for papers.

Oh and Veda's Backup + DX style beam sp is pretty handy too.

Anyone else got other opinions?
Is raphael w3 homing?? Seems kinda slow and move only in a straight line. So is it hard to use?