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I don't do it every day, Marzai. I apply. Next week, I call. Week after that, I call. Then I skip a week, and then call. Then do it every two weeks. But.. ugh. No luck. I'll keep trying, though.

And yeah, Settie. It really is retarded. I could -easily- do a lot of these jobs. Like bagging or working a front desk or housekeeping or doing a fast food restaurant or being a cashier or stocking shelves. Even if I didn't, one to two weeks of training would put me in the right place to do it. Uuuugh. ~_~

Edit: I applied at a somewhat decent restaurant. They said they were in desperate need of dishwashers. I can wash dishes. Who can't? I followed up, but the person in charge of approving the applications and such never contacted me back for some reason. I hate life.

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