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Get 20% ASPD, 18% Run/Jump, 10-20% of each Additional Attack and Damage Reduction (Only if you plan on PvPing), plus 20% Accuracy (again, only for PvP), then rest for Crit.

Get Mechanized. The level 50 sets CAN be refunded, but it's not recommended because the set effects for level 50 apply to PvP, and not the level 60, and thus are far superior despite their lowered stats. If you're an EM, more power to you, it boosts your defense aura accelerator power by 6%. You'll want armor set plus visor, not the weapon.

The coins you earn can be used to craft level 60 Unique sets, but you'll still need Belder coins, so no point in really collecting them since you'll still have to spam secrets like mad to make a new set.

Binding Circle at level 1 is still workable, but level 5 is obviously better for its purpose, which is catching in lag for Aisha.

Let me tell you a story. I was 3v3ing with my PvP team two days ago, and we met a EM with Cyclone. Said EM tried to Cyclone me, but ruined the catch, hitting no one. I purposely jumped in for free MP. Then did the VP that was playing with me. Then my ShK teammate jumped in. tl;dr: it sucks.

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