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Default Update 19 April - Sheath Knight

Preamble: I have no idea if Max will continue posting news updates here, but someone's got to do it.

Activity Apr 19-26 "Hero's entry" (英雄的登場) (Type: go online)
All characters: Go online to receive new title "new hero"
Elsword character: Go online to receive "Elsword Mysterious Shadow" (艾索德神秘影子) and "Elsword Shadow weapon" (艾索德影子武器)

Activity Apr 19-26 "Who is the hero in the shadows" (影子裡的英雄是誰) (Type: once, NPC: Camila)
5 Dungeon runs with experience - 15 Day Cornwall's Sword, Unknown box

Activity Apr 26 - May 3 (Type: go online)
Go online to receive Unknown key (to open unknown box)

*New gash shop item - "Cornwall's ghost" (康沃爾之魂)*
Combine with the 15day Cornwall sword at Ariel to receive a perm version

There are two other update notices but I'll translate them later if I have time.