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Originally Posted by Jamesie
13 year old said it. Must be true.

@Rhine: Firstly, you best check what a police state is. A police state is a state in which the government enacts repressive social, economic, and political controls. Most police states are totalitarian states. There is no aspect of having police in school, usually for safety reasons, that constitutes a police state. Secondly, I reiterate my main point of taking the word of a thirteen year old. Truancy court is truancy court, and has always existed. The likeliness of kids getting fined for "not tucking in their shirts" is unlikely. Now, if a teacher had said that that "not tucking in their shirts" equated to a Class C misdemeanor fine, I'd be more likely to believe it. But no, a thirteen year old says it. Thirdly, they actually only get a ticket in most cases and tickets are easily appealed (especially if the policeman who ticketed you isn't there). They go to court when they refuse to pay and/or didn't appeal (i.e., civil disobedience. Though, it's also important to note that with civil disobedience, you are supposed to willingly accept the consequences of your actions).
Firstly, I didn't mean that thing about the police state literally. It was more of a hyperbole. But I feel something's a little wrong when police are patrolling schools.

And I know about the whole "13 year old said it" thing you're talking about. It's not exactly a reliable source. But it is true that criminal charges against kids are high and on the rise. It's been an issue that's come up a few times already and I still don't really think it's been raised enough.

It just bothers me that our country's faith in its children is so low, they have to station cops at schools to keep 'em in line when honestly, I feel that it accomplishes the exact opposite. The more you police these kids, the more likely they're going to lash out or do something stupid. It's a kind of pressure, really. Things would be better if schools knew how to handle things themselves and then did so.