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EM is actually one of the strongest combo characters in game, even surpassing VP with the basics, next to WS and LK. Unlike WS, however, she has a much easier time catching her opponents, and she can exert a huge amount of pressure with the threat of Magic Missile. Learn to combo with her, and you'll do well.

I personally bring the following skills and skill notes:
Magic Accelerator, Teleport, Meditation, Mana Shield
Flame Circle, Time Stop, Magic Missile, Chain Burst

Skill notes:
Mana Shield, Teleport, Meditation, Magic Missile, Flame Circle.

Flame circle is optional if you only have 4 slots for skill notes. Once the updated version of Lightning Bolt comes out, you can replace Chain Burst with Lighting Bolt - noted is amazing for EM.

Stacking resistance is crucial in PvP, if you mean elemental resistance. It does not reduce skill damage, only elemental proc chances and duration/effect of status effects.

I live in Canada.

KC versus KR Nexon, KC lags way more. No way any NA game can compare to KR.

There's no such thing as a tier list, and I refuse to provide one.

They use whatever gear they like, so long as it's level 60 and unique quality.

I have no idea how you play, so don't ask me to tell me how you should play.

Statue is still worthless.

And I just like the magical girl theme.


Focus on getting 20% attack speed first, then at least 18% run and jump, and then the rest into Crit. Evasion is not really worth it unless you're in a server with the old dual-stat gems and get it alongside with crit.

VP needs neither Gust Storm nor Meteor Call, but if I were to say, I would pick Gust Storm over Meteor Call. Your skill tree is great as it is, don't make any changes.

Get Magic Accelerator just to fill up points and for some rare scenarios; VP doesn't need Adrenaline, nor is it recommended for her as she's a skill-chain user, not a one-shot skiller. Generally, VP isn't a buffer.

If you're constantly fighting laggers in PvP, Binding Circle level 5 can be a god-send for getting combos in - especially against teleport-triggery EMs.

Both BM and RF are incredible in PvP; this Heroes tournament had all four top teams include a Raven and a LK in it. However, if I were to say, RF over BM. Also, both Ravens were significantly buffed, not nerfed in the balance patch. Something a lot of people have been raging over.