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I think I've seen videos of yours on YT PvPing with VP so I guess you have some experience with her as well as EM and BtM. I need to know a few things about her...

This is my skill build for VP in HK (incomplete in-game):
Skill Simulator DM/VP

Now for the questions:

- Gust Storm or Meteor Call for end-game? (PvE)
- Is leveling Binding Circle past level 1 worth it? (Both PvP and PvE)
- Is there any other buff worth getting besides Magic Accel/Adrenaline? (Both PvP and PvE)

And just out of curiosity, after the balance patch, which Raven path is best suited for PvP? I've heard that RF got nerfed, but I'm not sure since I don't play KR.

Thanks in advance.