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Originally Posted by Azumarill
Uh this is kinda off topic, and I guess this is nothing new either...

But somehow I recall that some people suggested that Corvid was like, kinda designed from the monster Crow? But then... okay I know that I am slow but still. xD

Has anyone actually seen the move 'The Crow'?
I know that I have, but it was a horrible long time ago.
To answer your question-- yup! That's exactly where his design was taken from and I absolutely love it! ;o; I'd buy this entire set just for the novelty of it all, really. The movie is a cult classic and they are even working on a re-make of the film (albeit I am a bit worried about if that's a good thing or not. )

The original was so good, I even watched it the last time Corvid was released. I also guess that we'll be seeing his box released plenty more times if the movie does indeed come out in the near future. When that is, I don't know. They have to find a new star since Bradley Cooper dropped out.