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>Angel system
>Items that you can't NPC
>Complete this quest so that you can get this item to complete that quest and complete that other quest to finish this episode quest.
>The really silly item descriptions
>SKILL DESCRIPTIONS! I don't think ANY of them even VAGUELY state something the skill does or what stat it boosts.
>300 item limit
>EE's (what does Exceptional Error even mean??)
>Prankster Mingos & Old Contracts
(Also, why is the Pharoh Set lv. 35? Nearly 300% attribute for that level?)
Originally Posted by Jamesie
I know plenty of games that have WT. While it isn't listed as a stat, there is a "WT" in most games.

In MapleStory and plenty of other games you're limited by the number of slots in your inventory (cash expandable of course).
Rusty Hearts has a WT system that, like our's, slows you down when you have too much. There are items that remove the limit.

I'm not going to go on and on, but every game as its way of making sure your inventory isn't this black hole.
Tell that to the bike that in my key items pouch. I found that ridiculous. It's a BIKE! D: