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Originally Posted by Sakurah
I'll be honest. I won't miss you.

PS: I don't want to be entered, I just decided to leave you a good-bye note of my own. <3 Stay classy.
Nice way to comment rudely to someone generous enough to give away things to people of your own server. On another note...more related to this topic:

I know that we didn't start off as good friends, but rather enemies over a bad choice on my part to please a friend who was angry at me for not treating you unkindly (lol, never try to please anyone), but I'm glad that we came to understanding and I'm sorry that I didn't realize sooner that you're really an awesome person and even though I haven't really known you long, I feel like you're a really great friend. I'll miss seeing you around on fantasia and would love to see you if you ever came back. You better PM me on msn, ijs. Unless you're too busy ofc...but then again I still expect a PM on msn. Q_Q Enjoy your new job and school etc, and I hope that everything goes really well for you. You deserve it <: I'm sorry for kicking you from harkon at first, but we still weren't on good terms. q q. My bad, but I'm really glad you rejoined very soon after and we started talking. Remember, in life, no matter how stressful or bad things may seem, know that you're always amazing and above it all. ;> And don't let anything destroy your pride, because confidence once attained is beautiful and only will do you good *note the difference between ego and confidence
Ok that was kinda long...Ok I'm just making this longer >_>

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