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yeah, I know what you're talking about XD

I don't mind it so much with a few let's plays, it's just when the screaming gets to ear rape level unexpectedly that it annoys me basically. (chugga does this a few times in his okami let's play, usually with the line "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DID BADLY ON TIME?!?", that said, there's generally a nice little warning in the description about it)

That said, I do listen to some let's players that scream a little (jaymonious is pretty loud but pulls it off well, epic laugh too), but I find it funny how much they can rage at certain things sometimes.

but yeah, just a standard walk through/play through of a boss fight to help you know what to expect, you'd think they'd either shut up and play or keep it down.

I usually have my volume at ~34 or so with head phones on, so a little loudness doesn't bother me too much.

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