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I just don't think there's the need to panic or worry so much :/

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
The item drop rate boost, loot box, and mystic key are the breadwinners here. Item drop rate is a flatout advantage, and mystic key + loot box have a good chance of "pay to win".
Well they said so themselves that Cash Shop user won't have advantages over those who don't use the Cash Shop at all.

Sure, those boost item are still "advantage", but these advantages are so freaking small and their price are so outrageous that at the end of the day it's hard to call that advantages.

The Cash Shop, their primary targeted audience would be those who have less time to play but would like to use their money to fill in that spot, while then the secondary targeted audience would be those who play the game like crazy as well as having the ability to purchase these luxury.
(the latter kind of ppl, they are either stupid or are winners of lives, I mean you got time and money!)

I agree with your opinions on mystic key and loot box to an extend, but this is ArenaNet, they left me a good and strong impression that they have their standard, so I be positive about these two and await their final decision; until then, it's all speculation.

But that Item Drop, it sounds like the "rare items" in its description are likely the kind that drops from mob instead of from dungeon reward. So that sounds like for a full hour you gotta grind/farm the mob constantly for that extra 10% chance, is it really worth it...?

I honestly wouldn't want to do whatever I want to do/play instead of grinding mindlessly for some "chance"...

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
There are PvP modes where gear does have an effect, and your actual level does have an effect. Lower level content also would give you less exp and loot than content that's your actual level, so while you could do lower level stuff, you get rewarded more for playing stuff your level. Some of the level scaling might still leave room for gear bonuses as well. And of course, people with better gear will have a stronger character than you at the same real level.
Well structured PvP is not affected for sure, since upon entering you're instantly lvl 80 with full skill/trait and highest level equip/stat; WvWvW could be affected a bit, from what I recalled that you can enter it with your PvE character, your level are boosted to lvl 80 (roughly, less stat if lower level). Still not exactly all balanced for WvWvW, but I think this unbalanced Chaos with so many players in for together are what would make it interesting.

I can't say that level/gear mean nothing in PvP, but I mean it's not like their effect are so great that you can easily dominate others or be trolled by others without ways to fight back at all.

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
While nothing is set in stone for release yet, something in your brain should trigger your "Hmm, I should be wary of this" sense, when there is evidence of this stuff.
Mmhm...except some ppl would over-react so badly just on first sight; not saying you here, I mean the buncha other doods on guru...

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