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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
You avoided listing the ones that matter. I'm not going to bother explaining, since this action implies you know those items can be detrimental to the game.
I was a bit lazy not wanting to go over all of them...fine, so what are left?
Asuran Bank Portal, Perfect Salvage Kit, Loot Box, Magic Plant Food, Mystic Key, and Unlock Account Bank Tab?

Asuran Bank Portal
So instant access to bank, what's wrong with this? I don't really see how it can be harmful to the game...Also recently another soulbound non-cash shop item named Asuran Golem Butler was revealed, it has the same and more functions, except that it's one time use and only last for 5 mins before self-destruct.

Perfect Salvage Kit
Not really sure about this item...but I can't really think of a reason to use it myself...
If what GW2's wiki said is right, then when I want to apply another kind of upgrade on my current item, I can just first do that upgrade on another same type of item (dagger -- dagger), then use transmutation stone, so I can select the appearance, basic stat, and the upgrade I want. Problem solved.

When two items are combined by way of transmutation, if both contain an upgrade, the player decides which upgrade to keep. -- GW2 wiki

Loot Box
Not even sure what type of things could be in there...are specific types of item are in there? Are all items in the game ranging the crappiest crap to godliest stuff are in there? We don't know, too soon to judge don't you think?

Magic Plant Food
Erm, let you instantly grow dye plant without waiting...isn't this for ppl who want to save their precious time? Judging from the item's description any player can still grow dye plants just fine. And even if some dude used load of these to unlock every possible dye colors in the game, then what? It doesn't affect other players at all.

Mystic Key
I heard that only rare/unique cosmetic items could be in it,, I guess this indeed could be a bit of problem if they don't provide keys to be obtained in-game. But with ArenaNet, their history, their vision, I think I will look positively on this one.

Unlock Account Bank Tab
If you can unlock more bag slot in-game with karma or the such, I'm guessing you can do the same for this too, except maybe it will just take more time than a click in the cash shop.

None of this will really affect PvP at all, as for PvE...not so much either imo.

In many mmo we seen, if ppl have higher level/better stat equips than you, or being higher level than you, you'd be affected and be at disadvantage - such as getting ks'ed, which affected your leveling speed; or because of your lower level you cannot go to the higher level/end-game area "where the funs are at".

But in GW2's PvE system, you don't encounter those problems and don't even need to care that much.
No such thing as ks, you should be thankful that someone helped you (maybe someone who had better gear or higher level than you!) cuz now you can finish whatever you're doing and still receive the exp/loot you were suppose to get even if you went solo.

Because of the DE that happening all around the world, every area is the end-game area! (only difference is that starter/low level area's mob AI will definitely be lower) No matter where you are, what you're doing, you will level just as fast as on any area, including the higher level one; the lower level zone won't just become an empty map that no one wanna go to after they hit past that level, because DE could still happen there.

With these features in GW2, no one need or should care if someone's having "better" equip or stat than them, so tell me how those cash item can affect or even harm the game?
(this guy beside me is lvl 80 while I'm only lvl 10, so what? He can't ruin my game experience at all, except maybe some hot looking equip appearance that's making me jelly; and if he entered a low level zone (say level 10) he'd still be downscaled to that area's level (maybe around level 13-15) what's the problem?)

P.S. Oh and, these are just the "leaked" info, they're still subject to change, they even put it under the NDA that none of the press can talk about it.

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