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Originally Posted by BliztForever
No need to panic that much? None of the item in the cash shop are really necessarily or "pay to win".

For examples:

Instant Repair Canister
It's one time use. Sure you can use it in a dungeon run or something, but you know you can also "leave dungeon, use a way-point to move to a location to fix equip, then use way-point back and get back into the dungeon where your teammates are still in".

Resurrection Orb
It's one time use. And god, look at that price...and it's for PvE content only.
Also when you used it you don't just instantly stand back up with full health, instead you will be brought to "downed state" and your health will start slowly but automatically refilling; if there were mobs around you and no teammate to help, chances are that you will just die again before you're "revived". This item is simply used to save time if you don't want to revive back to one of dungeon's save point and runs back to where you died.

Dye Box
There are hundreds of dyes waiting to be unlocked in the game. And these Dye Box just let you "unlock" them faster. You won't get into situation such as getting the same dye color you have obtained before, and there are likely ways in the game to get dyes by planting dye plant. (speculation)

I thought this was removed? Anyway...even if they would still appear in game, I wonder how many dare to use that to spam the channel with ArenaNet's strict policy; I can't wait to see something like Dhuum to come out and "ban" the said player xD

Exp Boost
Super expensive for a 50% boost "per kill" and for only 1 god damn hour. Do mind that the fastest way to level in GW2 isn't farming the mob, you do DE, some might involve killing, some might not. This item is mostly for those who have more money than time.

Karma Boost
Super expensive for a 20% boost and for only 1 god damn hour...just look for some DE videos out there and think about how many of them can you finish within a hour, then think about whether it's really worth it to spend that much money for 1 hour. This item is mostly for those who have more money than time.

Slot Bag
You can get more Slot Bag from vender NPC and by spending your karma earned from DE, it's been confirmed.

Character Slot
By default you would have at least 4-5 character slots...
You avoided listing the ones that matter. I'm not going to bother explaining, since this action implies you know those items can be detrimental to the game.