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Code Nemesis was significantly buffed in the recent patch:
- Hornet's Sting was made significantly stronger, going to 517%/1013% from 532%/532%.
- Iron Scraps was made way stronger, too, dealing 200% damage per hit now, and 230% in awakening.
- Explosion Impact is only 175 MP now.
- Queen's Throne is only 250 MP now.
- Junk Break was buffed from 274%/169% to 322%/140%.
- Atomic Blaster no longer pushes
- Enhanced Nasod Weapons make your attacks 75% stronger when they proc now.
- Spear Burst deals 800% now (400% for each hit).

Meanwhile, Code Empress has gotten mixed results:
- Oberon Guard no longer bounces, but pushes back. It makes it more friendly for the average player, but doesn't make a significant difference for the pros.
- Space Wrench was buffed by about 50% or so.
- Heaven's Fist was nerfed by about 1000%, but its MP cost is now only 250 MP.
- Sonic Wave has gone from 340% to 407% Physical Damage.
- Genocide Ripper was nerfed from 417% (185% in awakening) to only 397% (146% in awakening)
- Spitfire is buffed to 600%, and its range was slightly improved.
- Electronic Field was buffed from 128%/591% (112%/895% in awakening) to 190%/276% (276%/422%). This brings it into about 2000%, which is surprising for a 100 MP, but still requires awakening for any effectiveness at all.
- The animation delay after Assault Spear was removed, allowing Eve to combo easier afterwards.

And some notable overall Eve changes:
- MEB was slightly nerfed to only 300%/500%, but it now hits multiple targets better due to the stronger second hit.
- Generate Black Hole was buffed to 2909% unawakened, and a stunning 179%/715% in awakening, bringing it into almost Final Strike territory, except it's mana-breakable.
- Cloaking now makes you fully invisible, but no longer has the MP regeneration capabilities with the note - it now saps up MP as you're in it. Duration is improved to a max of 9 seconds, though.

Overall, Code Nemesis really benefited from this patch; she now significantly outstrips Code Empress in both PvP and dungeons. Previously, her benefit was that she was more versatile in her gameplay, and that she had better buffing capabilities, but now Nemesis' damage abilities far outstrip that of Code Empress in both realms, making her the far superior choice. Her buffs are so significant - especially to Hornet's Sting and Iron Scraps, her primary two PvP damage dealers, as well as the shared Generate Black Hole - that a lot of CNs in KR are using this opportunity to get SS Rank. Paired with her buffs and her Metal Dust Aura being a free delay-escaper in team matches, she's become one of the stronger players in PvP.

Empress is now fairly weak, with her primary damage skills nerfed. Generate Black Hole now outstrips both of them, and Electra and Nemesis have access to those skills too. While Electronic Field was a nice buff, it still requires awakening to be effective, and is by no way on par with skills like Hell Stone, not overpowering her to the least. Empress still retains her active-based play, but one has to question how effective that is now considering that CN has entered the territory with Spear Burst being very viable now - and Spear Burst also being a KD Resetter.

tl;dr: Make a CN, not a CEm if you're concerned about long-term viability.