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Default New Server Opening + Server Merge

After much consideration both the EE team at Aeria and our developers at X-Legend have decided to launch a new server and merge existing servers. This will take place on April 11th, starting at 6:00pm PDT. As always, we cannot give an exact time as to when the servers will be back up, but this process will take much longer than a normal maintenance day. This is to ensure all your account information is transferred accurately!

And don't worry, all your items, gold, AP, etc will remain unharmed!

Server Names
  • The new server will be called Diamond.
  • The 3 merged servers will now be called Sapphire.
  • Each server will have 6 channels.

Changes to the game
We will not be implementing new content with this merge to help reduce any factors that could complicate and lengthen the downtime.

However, we are happy to announce we will be adding tradable Eden Crystals back into the item mall for regular sale.
Leveling Contests
There will be 2 leveling contests for the new 'Diamond' server. These contests will run until May 11th and the details will be posted soon.
In addition to our regular events, we will also be running 'Feature Focus' events all month to help introduce new players to the game as well as inform older players of details they might not be aware of. Don't worry, there will be prizes to be won!
Why is this happening? Is EE dying?
Eden Eternal is not dying; in fact the game has been growing quite significantly. In addition to the growth we've seen recently, we want to show Aeria's commitment to the game by launching a new server. We will be increasing our marketing budget to help fill this new server to create a new lively environment for players to have a fresh start.

The server merge is to promote a more competitive and balanced environment where PvP is more exciting, there are more players available for dungeons, more players for trading, etc.
What about lag?
Both our team at Aeria and X-Legend have been working on this issue for a while. We have already taken several steps to help reduce server lag, and more actions will be taken while the game is down during the launch/merge maintenance.

For those concerned about frame lag and the impact of additional players on their computer's performance, we recommend reducing graphics settings, using the 'hide players' button, or switching channels to one with fewer people.
What about the game economy?
We have been monitoring the economy very closely and fortunately the price differences from server to server are minimal. These minor difference should not have a major impact on the game and will smooth themselves out quickly.
Question & Answers

  1. What if one account plays on multiple servers, what would happen to their characters after the merge?
    Currently each server has a maximum of five characters. After the merge we will make the maximum amount of characters set to 15 so that no characters will be deleted. While the maximum will be 15, users will not be able to create more than 5. Meaning, if you have over 5 and you delete one, you will not be able to create another.
  2. What will happen to the characters with the same name?
    The system will force a name change for players who are not in the following order:
    1. If the player is not a guild leader.
    2. If the player is lower in level.
    3. If the player is a guild member.
    4. Last play time for the player.
    If the character is a leader of a guild, or has the higher level, they will most likely not have their name changed.
    However, if the two characters are both guild leaders with capped levels, the one to have played latest will not have to change their name.
  3. What will happen to multiple archive items?
    If you have the same item archived on multiple servers, they will be merged into one! If you want to keep your copies of the item, please remove these copies from the archive so that across all servers only 1 instance of the item is in the archive.
  4. What about rankings?
    Monthly rankings will be reset after the merge.
  5. Will the Mailbox letters be retained?
  6. Will community friendís lists be retained?
    Yes, including friends, lover, blocked user.. etc.
  7. What will happen to the auction house items?
    All auction house items will return to the seller's mail box.
  8. What will happen to guilds with the same name?
    The older guild will not have to change their name. A player will need to send a ticket to change their name.

Our request to you
Because of the new server and our marketing budget, there will be a surge of new players coming to the game. It's our request to the players of this game to help foster the game's growth by encouraging a friendly environment for these new players. Simply put, you guys are the veterans now. It's not easy to transition to a new game, there is a lot of information to learn. We need your help in continuing to grow the game, and it could be as simple as helping a noobie in need.

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