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Default Conspire's Sexy All-Purpose Elsword Q&A Thread

The prettiest magical girl is here, in the name of love and purity!

So, recently a certain someone hired me (mm, game cards, gonna make my BtM look prettier) to start answering questions here on ggFTW in the hopes of making the forums more active again, given its roots for a lot of players in NA Elsword.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Conspire - I currently main a Battle Magician on the KR Server, Risque, and I'm famous for my Elemental Master, 쿠로코Shirai.

In addition to four years of experience playing the game, I'm very well connected in the KR community. I'm part of the Top Korean PvP guild 추격자 in Gaia by invitation, and I'm frequently considered by Koreans in the PvP sphere to be the "best foreign player"; my 쿠로코Shirai was the first person on Gaia to hit A Rank, and was consistently ranked in the top five until several months ago.

As a result, you can consider me very knowledgeable on the game and its mechanics, and very up to date on what's going on and up and coming in KR Elsword. Unlike Elsword HQ, I get my source information directly from Koreans (I've got about half a dozen of them who translate from me), some of which are well connected with insider sources and provide me with the latest rumors as to what's going on in KR, which turn out 99% of the time to be true. I also talk frequently with the top ranked players of every class; if you have a question that I can't personally answer, I'll defer it to them, so you can be sure that your question comes from the cream of the crop.

So, long story short: feel free to ask me absolutely any questions you have on the game.

That being said, don't ask retarded questions, and I'll be nice.