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This is really necessary? Like go away and left a lot of freinds?
But it might be necessary..
Jia..Wedding..We had a lot of good moment together especially when you help me with GvG and cure my cat for I don't die haha..Or Talking about fuses and prices (most of the time) LOL.
I know how is study,work and play at once.Take your time,I did to and come back so I think you will maybe.
I will always repeat you are the haxxest person on Fantasia D: and you just come dfor like 4 months ? Haha..

On the end,I love free stuff o.o,but it don't make the sadness going away.We had a proud guild together and I will miss it.

So.. good bye Jia-chan.(I will take your msn with LIZA LOL SO I WILL NOT STOP STALKING YOU MUHAHAHAHAH)