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My Fellow Pilots,

The news has been confirmed. The great fleet led by Freedom Gundam will be landing on the Federation of SD Gundam Online by 12th April 2012

The Fight of Freedom patch of SD Gundam Online will be updated on 12th April 2012

The new content in this update include:

1. New Units from 6 New Capsule Machines
2. 15 New Blue Prints
3. New Skill Parts and Battle Items
4. New Maps and Missions
5. 25 Units Available For Sales
6. New Shopping Room Items includes Level Protector and Exp Pack!

And what about the most anticipated S Rank Freedom Gundam?
Yes! We have more than what listed above to offer. Freedom Gundam can be found in the Item Capsule Machine (ICM) together with Gundam Heavy Arms, Aegis Gundams, Level Protector, Game Points, Sticker, Paints, Battle Item and many more!

Stay tuned to our announcements from time to time to get the latest updates about related news and events related to the SD Gundam Online: Fight for Freedom!

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Upcoming content patch on 12th April 2012! Lets see whats there