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Originally Posted by StrykerX
You the end it is up to the poster to define 'accomplishment'. Which is why some people rarely post here while some post every single action they do in the game
i guess
but seeing stuff like "got skill 1" "got skill 2"
and on A/B ranks nonetheless, looks like a waste of pages to me

iuno about other ppl, but i say OC5 is BASIC
OC5 = lv 1
OC6 = lv 2
OCex = max level
Pazabi OCEX Rau Dinn OCEX Rocknanju OC6 HiNu OC6 Scizabi OC6 HWS OC6 GundamMC OC6 BR Rezel OC6 Quess Doga OC6 Char Zaku OC6 Geara Doga OC6 Stark Jegan OC6 Wing EW OC6 NGC OC6 Scinanju OC5 ARPA OC5 BD3 OC5 007 OC5

^all gone/currently have *v*
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