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Originally Posted by altimore
Played a bunch of matches in SEA. Lost only once. Using Heat Saber Dom gainst a team with 3 Launcher Strikes and a Hamma Hamma.

At one point had 5 launcher strikes in room. This is gay. And annoying.
A lot of players in SEA tend to freeze in panic when melee approach them. They go like "OMG HE HAS A SWORD AND ALL I HAVE IS A GUN! WAT DO?!"

There are also good players, but when you get a room where people keep shooting machine gun at incoming rock instead of moving you sometimes get that impression.

As for me, watched several episodes of Gundam Seed because I have absolutely no idea where all these seed units came from or what they did. I like Aile Strike a little more but now I am glad I sold boring Duel Gundam.