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Red face noob/ beginner/ starter questions??

Hi, as the title state, I am in fact a newbie and have a lot of questions thus this post exist. Here are my questions and I hope you guys can help me.

1. Enchanting, I know you have to match it up with the correct level, but my question is how come some weapons I can add 2 different types of enchantment while others I can only do 1 of the same kind if i'm trying to raise the lvl of the enchantment.

2. How do I get to crystal island? If there's an item required where can I obtain the item?

3. When you go to equip your weapons there's 4 total slots, and most of the time you use the top 2; what's the last 2 for?

4. A lot of people have pets and i notice that if i were to buy pets they don't last very long, so do making them allow them to stay longer?

5. just here cause, not even a question. xD

anyway thanks guys for helping me out.