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Originally Posted by Harlequin
Not mentioned, but to my understanding, bending is genetic in the series. Since Aang was the last airbender in his time, that would lead one to assume that only his offspring would be airbenders. That, plus the fact that Tenzin and his family are the only ones living in the airbending temple.
^ Yeah, and this is why Tenzin, Ang's only airbender child, is the only one that can teach Korra airbending. There's literally no one else who can. The only airbenders are Tenzin and his children.

One other thing about this new series is that I miss Appa. I know they revived his species, but he was so cute. I don't much care for the polar dog.
I was thinking they could have also kept Sokka alive as the sarcastic old man. So sad so many of them died already. It's only ~70 years in the future, I was hoping a few of them would still be alive since they'd only be around 85 years old.
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