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I don't give a crap about the prizes, I'm fine once the count hit 2million cause all I need are my flames.

One thing I don't like is all the lazy gits complaining about everyone else being lazy, sitting on their high horses and probably AFK drilling while complaining about people not collecting enough hunter boxes.

Get off your lazy butts and get your own hunter boxes if you're so concerned about them . They aren't going to collect themselves. And you know what, I think a brilliant idea is to sit and spam Chaos Tower monsters. A fun and easy way to loot boxes while leveling up if you're on a decent enough floor. So, I disagree with the statement that collecting boxes won't help you in the Chaos Tower. It would if you stopped being so lazy. c:

Now, like I said, I don't really care for the prizes. They're free, I collected my boxes. I'll take what I get. I don't need the points, but I do think that for a lot of newer players it would open them up to wanting to play Trickster a bit more after seeing the event and receiving free MS stuff. Some people can't buy MS and so even the slightest bit of MS is a worthy enough prize to them.

Will every pop event after the first 2 be as good? No, probably not, but that doesn't mean it's a bad event or an event not worthy of our time. In my opinion, it's an event meant to bring the community together, but instead it's driving the community apart and separating us into cynics, pessimists and optimists. Half of us believe the event is doing good, half of us think it's crap and some of us just think "Well, we won't get up to that many anyways, so why bother?" or "They're just the same old prizes, why bother?" Basically our TO community is being driven further apart.

It's caused constant complaining due to a lack of gratitude and appreciation on some people's parts and a lack of consideration for the fact that, well, the prizes just aren't that great on other parts. I can see it from both points of view, but I still think that collecting 800 boxes for free prizes is worth it. 800 boxes that you can easily get from doing everyday quests just by drilling or hunting monsters. :|

The prizes -are- worth it, just not as good compared to what we were used to.
Case closed.