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I don't understand youtube sometimes.

Videos either load up fairly fast, other times the exact same video needs to be refreshed 5 or 6 times and might buffer after 10 minutes or so for a 2 or 3 minute video. Then there's the fake progress bar where the video might start and then it just freezes up. Moving the slider sort of helps, but gets kind of annoying on the longer videos.

Shame it's the one with the most content since there's much better video sites out there that I've been to when it comes to actually being able to watch the video.

Actually have a pretty solid back log of videos, mostly let's plays, that I want to watch but have put off just because youtube is hit and miss with actually being able to watch the things.

I'd even tolerate more commercials during the video like hulu does if it made the video actually load a lot more painlessly than it does now.

I would say it's my connection, but youtube is the only site that really gives me any trouble.

/pointless youtube rant 8D

Other than that, I'm doing fairly well. Trying to start up a mage in morrowind and looking for some mods to go with it, there's a retro active endurance one that looks tempting since I won't have to worry about maxing it out asap. XD