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Originally Posted by MarkM
I only complain because last couple of years they have the same prizes out for only 150 boxes but now they require 400 and they didnt even add anything else to it, If they were to make more useful prizes then I would do it gladly but I have no use for any of the ms prizes and 3k doesnt get much at all.

They should of added or change the prizes for the individual ones if they are changing how much boxes you need, to me its not worth the hunt/drill effort so im not particapating at all (4 drill boxes and 100 kill, dont plan on getting any more).
Originally Posted by Eien
The only thing I'm disliking about these Poppuri Events; is that year after year, it's always the same prizes, aside from a new poppuri set (which I don't mind). As much as I like free Artisan's Flames and Elixirs, I think that they could at least be a little more creative with their prizes once in a while.
Originally Posted by Rydia
The prizes don't "suck" but for me they're just not exciting. It's basically been the same exact thing like 3 times? And I'm probably still sick of hunting from last event when I was in the top 10. I'm not really complaining though I just feel meh about it...
Originally Posted by iMerlyn
Originally Posted by Mathemagician

This is pretty much the answer to this thread. People's enthusiasm to the Poppuri event has gone down because of the same prizes, and each year less people rally up to Mirage to kill rocks just to get boxes, and more just stock up on driller pets.

Even I could come up with a new list of prizes right now after noticing that they've been the same several years in a row, but I guess whoever sets up the Pop events can't. But hey, free stuff cheap stuff worth a few hours of my time is good.

If I interpreted this correctly, you don't seem to realize that some of the prizes are from myshop and are worth myshop points, such as Refine Powders, Master's Authorities, etc.
I dont get it, so what you're all saying is that its neither the event nor prizes themselves that is getting you all worked up. Yet what is, is the lack of creativity?