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Default Kritika (Lunia 2.0) CBT soon

CBT is coming out soon for the KR version of KRitika. Don't think there's a topic here about it yet.

As an ARPG emphasizing 3D extreme actions, Kritika has been developed by Lunia Online's developer Allm since 2008, and was once codenamed "Project Apple". The game received a big award from the Korea Creative Content Agency in April, 2010, and selected GameOn as its publisher in Japan when still under development. From this, we can easily see Kritika's great charm.

The only action-based MMO in Hangame eX 2011, much of the attention had been on this game as it apparently won a design award during its development phase. Why did the post title stated the term "All in the name"? Well, Kritika is actually the supposed combination of 2 English words, "Critical" and "Attack". In this short interview the Korean media had with the development studio, ALLM (see: Lunia,) we find out more about the game's systems.

Kritika (KR) is a new MMORPG that aims to wow players with it’s stunning and detailed graphic system. Kritika is developed and published by South Korean Allm and NHN and features 10-minute short instances and a detailed combat system that is sure to catch player’s attention. The launch for Kritika is still undetermined, however, the Closed Beta testing phase is set for launch within the first half of 2012.

The development team behind the new Action MMORPG Kritika has made a huge effort to satisfy their players with stunning graphics, smooth controls, and top of the line combat effects. The Kritika team stated that they were unsure if ordinary graphic cards would be able to handle what they have been working on, so they have adopted a cartoon graphic system for the most enhanced in-game experience (nobody wants to play a glitchy MMORPG). In an effort to give Kritika a unique feel, developers have made a battle system where the weapons (based off of which type they are) will react differently upon attack. For example, blunt weapons will cause a character to pause for a moment after attacking and sword attacks will slow down before the moment of impact and allow players to see it pierce their enemy’s hide. This feature is to enhance and captivate players by focusing on the minor details and allowing the attack to seem more vivid.

Along with these features, Kritika will also feature a quest mode similar to other MMORPGs (ie. Boss battles, quests, and goodies), however, the development team is putting a huge emphasis on the dungeon game-play. Players can expect this MMORPG to be action packed and will have to learn to master the art of evasion to deal with the constant foes. The boss battles seem very exciting, however, the dev team recommends that players observe their boss fights closely to figure out the best plan of attack.

Currently, the development team is working on cleaning up this action packed MMORPG by deleting any unnecessary processes and aims to bring players a short and thrilling MMORPG. The Closed Beta should be approaching soon, and we can’t wait to check it out! If you’re interested in Kritika or simply want to let us know what you think, please feel free to leave us a comment in the box below. We’d love to hear it!

Q: When Lunia was in development, the target was to "conquer the universe". Is the same concept used for Kritika as well?

The development team for Lunia was really called "Conquer the Universe". Thinking back, it was kind of immature on our part, but it was really our aim. Through developing Lunia, we learn invaluable lessons and used the experience we had as the foundation for developing Kritika into a better game.

Q: Kritika's main selling point will be its over the edge and stylish action. Will it be a problem if players see the exaggerated combat as being childish?

We thought about what the players really want during the development process. Rather than complicated systems, what players want is actually quick and fast combat within a short period of time. In order to boost the action combat sequence, a more cartoony approach was taken for Kritika. However, we did not use the same concept for the whole game as it will really look very childish!

Q: Kritika adopts the auto-target system for combat. Although convenient, it does have its own problems which will worry players.

In a fast paced game, it will be a torture for players having to aim at the targets accurately before a blow can be struck. Hence, the auto target system was utilized. Basically, it will choose the nearest mob within the character's view, while the range of attacks will depend on the skills.

Q: There are currently 2 character classes introduced which are both melee oriented. Will there be ranged classes such as a magician?

There will be, but it will most probably just a plain magician class. It might be a magician class wielding a gun, a combination within one character. As an action game, players will be curious to find out how the experience differs between ranged and melee characters. We are using the Gears of War series' combat experience as a reference for our ranged classes. In our development team, there are those who used to be professional MMOFPS players as well which will impart their experiences into developing the classes.

Q: Other than the action combat, what other features does Kritika has to offer?

Through developing Lunia, we picked up various lessons and experience which will be implemented on Kritika. At every character level, there will be a different target for players to hit. There will be a heavy RPG element found as well, with us taking in suggestions and feedback from players once testing starts to improve the game.

Q: From the trailer, it seems that some attacks are not chained properly together. Is this the same in the actual game?

No, that will not be the case. The trailer was actually made in a rush, hence some areas which are not polished.

Q: Now that the game has been revealed, how are you feeling right now?

It actually feels like marrying a daughter away! A bit of happiness, a bit of excitement and we will like to thank Hangame for this opportunity. Please stay tuned for more information about Kritika!


NHN cancels Hangame eX 2012 ~ MMO ☆ Culture

If you remembered, Korean MMO NHN hold its games festival on an annual basis, showcasing upcoming games and ones which are early in development. Hangame eX 2011 (link) was a blast, with Project R1 hogging most of the spotlight as it was developed by Mr Hakkyu Kim, also known as the "founding father" of Ragnarok Online during his Gravity days. Most would feel the games will be more polished for an even better show this year.

But that is not the case, as NHN claimed that the event will be canceled this year due to several titles not being able to meet the schedule. This, of course, includes Project R1. Even the CryEngine 3 "Asian WoW", Asta (link), is not ready despite being playable at G*Star 2010.

Hangame stated the company will instead focus on operating Pro Evolution Soccer Online and Metro Conflict (link). BlizzCon gone, and now this. Hope it doesn't evolve into a trend. Can you imagine not having ChinaJoy or G*Star due to lack of participants?


Kritika is a very aggressive game . So far, most of the action MMORPG me to escape the pressure focused on the situation .

For example, if you see jeontuman with bosses attack patterns to identify and avoid a gap in the moment is the way by going out on counter . around the pitfalls to avoid pouring them out, or flock treatment, if the monster is even . of course, the priority is a monster .

Whereas Kritika Battle of the monster's attack with skill levels is a way for tat . Kritika Skills for the opponent's attack because of a variety of properties to suit it, ' chewable ' skills have been sealed off while you attack, the source drive can be attached .

For example, if you use a monster super armor, super armor, destroying property, crush them using the skills and inability to attack a strong defense is used. I've never fainted before attacking skill or turns away . so exciting battle will mainly flows player .

' hitting the beaten ' to emphasize the feeling of the ball in the graphics and rendering deulyeotda . mediocre graphics and it looks like there might be limits to include exaggerated cartoon rendering chosen a weapon of the enemy, depending on the material differed scraping feeling . especially Monster noted that the reaction of a non-character .

Whenever you hit an enemy attack with a blunt instrument jeokjunghal stop character slightly . dull feeling alive is a kind of direct adversity . the other hand, if you attack the enemy sword momentarily slows down while passing through . enemy Ben stand to revive the feeling of escaping the knife .

WHILE WHILE selected cartoon rendering effect is to create a more colorful and larger . later fly to Andromeda, your goal is to create a level of skill .

Also significantly reduced the length of dungeons . < Creative Mathematica > the time it takes to finish a dungeon in the 5 to 10 minutes . inconvenient process when you start the game, it threw a party recruitment and entry process, the stage was also minimized . any kontencheudeun hours without feeling the burden of short and sweet to enjoy, to make " creative Mathematica > 's goal .

Forward from 30 to 40 minutes it takes a long dungeon not make idea . Kim Young Directors think the best play time , 'she Creative ( Suddenly she arrived at) in progress when dungeon, breaking the game when you exit get fit enough not to be long ' because . " Rooney Ah Electric > If the total drama < Creative Mathematica > Dame come out of the action movie star Jason being a Kim Young is director of the description .

" I do not stimulate the kind of upside-down . extreme irritation that the users do not see a slow or boring. " Kim Young is director of the agnostic . short time, through the stimulation of the extreme " Creative Mathematica > getdaneun own charm and determination to show the essence choaeksyeonui all.

■ " < Lunia > I'll raise all learned from experience "

ALLM's first game < Lunia > has undergone many changes . service because of the initial action planning enthusiasts who focus on the difficulty in acquiring popularity suffered, MMORPG style is too focused on the content and then ok, was boring . I changed the parts are name < Lunia Z> I changed to jeongdoda . the process as much as in the users' communication director, said Kim Young certainly had learned .

"Users to express their likes and varies . A word now, if A , rather than applying the why A had gone out saying that it seems to need to worry. "

For example, the importance of story haetdaganeun about to add comments report Cutscenes keotsinman frustrating because the game is apt to listen to the story. The user just told me the story thing, but actually stood ' game 'to get the world belong to feel something ' because : As users are currently playing the game is not funny that the lack of objective means .

" Every case , every user is different, but not mean " Lunia > In the seven years I have seen and know-how in the ' Action ' is concerned, you can certainly understand user feedback. "

So < Lunia > showcasing the game before inviting external personnel are prepared from the test phase. Last year, five Mon Hangame EX 2011 debut showing at approximately 9 months 5-6 times the alpha test was conducted . Test target too < Lunia > From the user's relatives around , such as passing high school students vary .

I hear so many opinions " Lunia > when the ' stubbornness of the Kim Young 'was the nickname ' Kim Young palranggwi as' jeongdoda changed .

As a result, dropped further action, such as smoothly changing the characters enhance scored several achievements . still ' comments never see inside ' as a lot of open beta testing to continue until an external force is thought to have been invited to repeat the tests .

■ "second action's really fun, I'll show you "

Upcoming "Kritika>'s primary closed beta test is full of confidence ahead of director Kim Young.

" So we'll talk when we talk about in-house . you can afford pride . " Lunia > an action RPG game is one of our biggest markets opened, a lot of experience behind it than the game was out . so also increased visibility . < Kritika > The game will be the culmination of that experience ragoyo. "olemyi < Kritika > Expectations for a glimpse of confidence and is a part .

Auto targeting was adopted . advantages, but disadvantages in action can be more.

Kim Young twenty-four : fast action, was chosen for the auto-targeting . fast-moving action, the TPS as a user to align precisely targeted manner sustain. For fast and accurate targeting is an automatic selection of .

By default, the target will grip in the direction of the character's visual field , depending on the range of different skills . siwonseureoun a wide range of action if , in the direction you want the user must use the Auto-targeting skills to reduce weight and so forth .

Team is also motivated by overflowing confidence . action represented an important facilitator of programmers and other developers who live and breathe well planner's imagination into reality is perfectly willing to implement .

Now the " Kritika > to proceed with your character is inspiring castle . boss before blowing ' Hoot ~ ' flying the ridicule or after the battle and so forth variety show victory pose .

In the story " background " characters that have a more emotional character is actually alive is to make a goal. " King of Fighters> or < Tekken "series, like the character said.

Kim Young, full of confidence and motivation to twenty-four asked goals . " It's a flawless ttwieonande That's where the game rather than eopne eopne want to hear the word . and " Creative Mathematica > own fun show that, end users choaeksyeonyiraneun totally sympathetic and action to satisfy such a game? . "

< Kritika > the first half during a secondary closed beta test is expected to proceed . olemui confidence from experience if I can shine and watch.

(Kim Young, Kritika Developer)

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