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Originally Posted by LeopoldIII
Theres no point in trying to explain or bring this up, their not going to hear it. Basically like yelling at brick wall, you can only scream and yell so much that eventually you reach a point that you realize you are yelling at a wall. Its everything that's wrong with people, they just want more while doing less. I mean you can even ask some of the old timers that cheated the first Pop event and they will all basically say that it was F-ed what happened but then they have the nerve to ***** about the fact that the consequence of abusing the first event is, not that big of a prize as the first.

Besides, there's really no point in bringing it up again because it doesn't matter because there absolutely no way that this community will get 1.8 million in 3 days. Its funny cause the counter is a combination of the total boxes from jewelia AND fantasia, which says alot about the people that play this game.
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