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Originally Posted by beef1218
First of all, SlinetNight you are really good at melee skills. These are very good videos.

About the side SS, I can't do it very well due to my key setting limitation. Usually what I do in battle is 4 hit melee then side dash to enemy's back and shoot. I can see that side SS can be useful when combined with zbs in melee. (shown in your videos)

I don't quite understand the 3rd video. Can you explain it more? I do see some weird position shifting stuff. (is it the forbidden SS?)

By the way, how could you have 2 sets of key settings? One for melee, one for normal matches? How can you possibly get used to both???
Thanks for ur comment, and thanks for ur information about side SS in the normal match.
For the third video, yea i used the forbidden SS. But in the video, the player name Dee was so lag, and u can see he move a lot after i hit him. Maybe u talk about this.And the US sever is very bad.(i play in US sever now)
i dont know what people think about that, cause many people said that was a bug. But i take a long time to learn this so in my opinion, i think it is one kind of technique.
The last thing is yes, i have two sets of key. i use the old one play normal match and this one for melee.its not hard because the one for melee was i learned after. but now i wanna learn how to use this in normal match, hope i can get use to it.