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Originally Posted by VisorI
freedom meteor paper wpn set:

mode 1:
giant sword 3hit KD
meteor beam rifle double hit (stuns)

mode 2: (becomes anti flinch with missile containers open)
giant meteor beams (2hits KD)
homing missiles
plasma beam cannon (no KD for maximum trollage)
oooh i want in too

Meteor Freedom(Scissor no antiflinch MA)
w1-Giant Sabre(4 hits)
w2-Meteor Rifles(double shot beam magnum)
w3-Meteor Cannons(2 ammo, Stuns, Flashlight)
w4-Beam SP

Mode2(speed down(not as much as wzc, only a little bit), agi down, def up):
w1-Homing Missile(2 ammo, 4 per launch, Airmaster missile properties)
w2-Railguns(7 ammo. Basically a zook)
w3-Plasma cannon+Meteor cannon sync shot(Quad shot, knocks down)
w4- Ranged SP

Skill1-N-Jammer EX
Skill2-Plot Armor

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