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Default Grounded...

yeah... I probably should've said this a week ago... heh...

I only have LaTale on my Aunt's laptop. Which she lent to me for good work.

My grades aren't doing so well, and my room is a MESS. So I'm grounded for IDK how long.

My sister Ellen, though, has a laptop. And I've been borrowing it late at night to go on Facebook and stuff. The motherboard on it is fried sadly, which causes constant glitches with the hardware and software.
I wouldn't even bother downloading LaTale if I could on that thing...

So uh... yeah... grounded, and I can't play in-school or at home until I get my own computer or get the laptop back.
On the other hand, I've returned to FaceBook, I now play CastleVille out of boredom, and I joined Lord of Ultima for in-school boredom.

Facebook: Richard Marcucci (There are two, the one with the most friends is my current one, a.k.a: The one that DOESN'T have the MapleStory OC, look for the one with the side-profile anime character of me. I'll be changing it over the weekend so...)

Lord of Ultima IGN: Lord Kajin, town: Windrix

USA Server... 36? IDR... 43? It's a U.S server I know that much...
Once I get back on LaTale, I'll be giving stuff for 50% off my normal prices for a week as compensation, maybe some freebies thrown in.

I'll still be on this site, ggftw is really cool, having a forum on all the top MMO's available(well, most of them, still good)