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Originally Posted by SlinetNight
Thanks for your comment, actually u r kind of right. But maybe u missundersand me, canuse this video is talking about a melee match. I never use it in death or other match.XD cause the keys are too complicated,maybe some people can do that(some crazy guys). and i dont invent this kind of SS, i learn from the video too. And i dont really agree the name of this kind of move, cause sideway SS are not real SS, the real SS just works for front. But the inventer called it 4 way SS(translate from ChineseXD), so i use this name to respect him. In conclusion, 4 way SS make you pro in melee match, and we dont know how it works in shooting match so far.(hope u can understand my english lol)
Nah, no misunderstanding here.
I know its a technique and I got your message.
I only gave my opinion about the sideway-SS since people might be thinking of whether or not to use sideway-SS in other types of matches as a melee technique.
That is all.