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Originally Posted by Chris
Here they are =)
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Saigyouji, before you do the hard work, tell me something...
I have to bypass the patcher to get the English voices to work, right? Because __kogstudios_original_service__ isn't working for me ;~;
Sorry for being gone for so long. I'm going to need couple of things from you, again.

First, the NAGC sound files that I have asked you. Megaupload doesn't work anymore.
Second, the registry that points to the installation directory of BRGC.
Lastly, the current version of BRGC to know what chars are added. What are the latest chars/jobs that came out?

I apologize for being gone unsaid for 3 months or so. I had things to do.