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Originally Posted by Torikakae*stares at my level*....

If you're so dedicated, why don't you start a hunting/leveling party? We have a great subforum where you may start organizing: Trickster Online Hunting Grounds - ggFTW

But do remember that this is a game, where our aim is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. You can't force people to do something if they view it as either tedious or not worth the effort. A game shouldn't feel like hard work~

Good luck with that!
Well I'm not trying to force people to do anything, its just that when people complain about the numbers not increasing fast enough then proceed to not do a thing about that pisses me off.

Also yea its a game but you have to put hard work into anything to be happy. I dont know what level you are but its to my understanding that after 300 isnt it a real pain in the ass to level so you would have to put hard work into the game anyway. All I am offering is that we work as a community to strive towards a goal and ultimately bring us all together. Hell I couldn't give two shits about this event or its prizes I just want the god damn game to go back to the way it was, but all I ever see is people *****ing and moaning and never actually doing. So I am stepping up to the plate and throwing an idea out there and could essentially make the game FUN.