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Originally Posted by Torikakae
You can AFK drill. You can't AFK hunt.

That requires effort.
Originally Posted by UlquiorraTru
But auto-drilling is so much eaaaaasier and it takes no effort what so ever- *shot* ;o Well I'm probably gonna take my sheep up to Mirage and abuse some of those clay things later ;x I want us to reach Stage 4 hunt boxes too...

Effort is what this game needs, I'm a little tired of what this game has become, there are alot of benifits to this method of doing it, the titles and the exp alone is enough to technically make anyone want to do it this way, plus when you get the codes you can sell them and also you can do the bosses and get the boxes. in the end its a win win. And if we really got every driller to stop drilling and go to chaos, it would bring grinding parties back and we could have royals or special parties and even further more if you put it on expshare equal with the amount of killings going on your exp would sky rocket, combined that with the exp boost from this event and a exp booster and the fact that you're doing quests, you would literally be set to plvl