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Default [SDGONA]Patch Note - Mar. 15th

Greetings everyone,

Time has come for yet another patch to nourish your SD Gundam Capsule Fighter experience.
Please refer to the below for what's new for this month:

[Maps – added]
- Desert P.S.
- Battleship of Gunfire

[Capsule Machines - added]
- Capsule Machine No. 34
- Capsule Machine No. 35

[Custom Capsule Machine - added]
- 100+ units to choose from!

[Units(Point/Astros) – in-game shop]
- AEU Enact
- Union Flag
- Tieren Ground Type
- Tieren Space Type
- Tieren Long-range Cannon Type

[Units(Astros) – in-game shop]
- Justice Gundam – S Rank
- Full Armor ZZ Gundam - S Rank
- Tallgeese III – S Rank

[Units(Rental by Points/Astros) – in-game shop]
- GuAIZ (Commander)
- Impulse Gundam
- Astray Green Frame

[Blueprints – in-game shop]
- GuAIZ (Commander) – B Rank
- Astray Green Frame – B rank
- Nobel Gundam (Berserker Mode) – BS Rank
- Rising Gundam (repair kit) – BS Rank
- Qubeley - AS Rank (available on Mar. 22nd)
- X Astray - AS Rank (available on Mar. 22nd)
- Impulse Gundam - A Rank

[Skill Parts – added]
- Emergency Repair
- Sniping Manual

[Paints – added]
- Blue 7 paint set
- Brown 1 paint set
- Dark blue 2 paint
- Gunmetal 1 paint
- Pastel blue 1 paint

[Stickers – added]
- White Base sticker
- Ramba Ral sticker
- Lu Luka sticker
- Bernard sticker
- Triangular Mark 1 sticker
- Triangular Mark 2 sticker
- Albion sticker

[Gashapon – March .15th edition]
- Enhanced ZZ Gundam – AS Rank
- Gundam Epyon – AS Rank
- Gundam Nadleeh – A Rank
- Dragon Gundam - A Rank
- Bolt Gundam – A Rank
- Dozle’s Zaku II – BS Rank
- Gundam Ez8 – BU Rank
- Bawoo – BU Rank
- Tieren (Space Commander) – CR Rank
- CM Coin
- 10,000 game points
- Slot Extension
- Over Custom 100% Chip x 1
- White 1 paint set x 3
- Premium teleport x 150
- Dummy x 100
- Cyclops x 100
- EXP Pack 200 (FULL)
- EXP Pack 1000 (FULL)

[In-game: Technical]

Your concerns have been heard and we certainly do not fancy the above sentence either. There is no more need to express your anger on keyboards! Any restricted words will be simply displayed with ‘*’ signs.

chat delay
Your time is precious and our prolonged cool-down time for channel chat has annoyed numerous players. The original cool-down time used to be over 10 seconds long we have drastically brought it down to 5 seconds. Please, keep things in order.

It has caught our attention that some players were experiencing sudden volume changes during the duration of loading battles. Volume is now fixed at 50% to prevent further potential problems.

Many users have kindly pointed out various spelling / grammatical errors in-game! Many of these have been corrected and we are work towards eliminating all of these little annoyances.

We have decided to remove Gamepad support due to technical difficulties. We apologize to those who enjoyed this addition, and we appreciate your kind patience in dealing with these various issues.

The bug associated with the PO1 Rank’s Daily Quest is corrected. You are now able to click on this quest without having to worry about your SDGO Client turning itself off! We sincerely appreciate your kind patience with this issue.

We thank you for your continued support in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online.

Best regards,

event notes is here

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