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Originally Posted by TadashiKazerei
~Even though there's 3 or so ways to boost success rate (mask/book/remedy), you can't get 100%, right?
It IS possible to combine the title (2%), mask (2%), and either of, but not both of, the enchant remedies (2% or 4%) to push the success rate above 100%.

You may hear about people failing at 100%. This topic came up months ago, but no one ever provided any solid proof beyond anecdotes. Take the claims with a grain of salt.

Originally Posted by TadashiKazerei
~When should you start using super puzzles as opposed to regular ones? Level 4 maybe? :o
If you can afford it, use super puzzles for all levels for the following reasons:

1: Super puzzles consume less dura per puzzle on average (5-10 versus 5-15)
2: All super puzzles have maximum range 50% higher than the normal puzzle, rounded up. For example, if a normal puzzle has a 2-4 range, then the corresponding super puzzle will have a 2-6 range.