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Simply then going the normal way of providing you a physical answer, I suppose I'll share a bit of my own thoughts, whether you care for them or not.

"One can not judge you unless you see a worth in what they judge you for."
That's a personal quote, one that I made not long ago, and I hope you see what I mean. Is that it? Is your outlooks the only thing shaming you from becoming part of society?
That is rather pitiful. It is true that society has harsh standards when it comes to judging a person physically - but if you're going to be put everything on that one fact, then, well, that's disappointing. You're throwing away what makes you YOU, and adjusting yourself to what the world wants, not what YOU want.
"I want to fit in because I wanna feel like everyone else does."
"Everyone is just like everyone else in this world." Don't make yourself one of them.

I could go on much further, but I'll probably get flamed anyways for my views.