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G'Day ! My name is Brian

I'm Co-founder of guild and have been playing since Beta (one of like 10-15 left on entire server). It's been sooooo long. Before here I was a player on iRO where I had played since Beta - I got as strong and rich as was powerful and got bored there so came here with my (now ex) girlfriend.

I'm de-facto guild leader at this point in time and enjoy helping out our guildies, who aren't really guildies - more like close friends and almost family.

I'm an Aussie and am older than most everyone on server, although I do know quite a few older (not many others know THERE ages though).

I am proud and happy of all of the accomplishments that this guild has done, in fact if not for my friends in guild I may have drifted away some time back.

A huge base of players on Fantasia know me and my chars and I also like to call most of them friends

I adhere to the social behaviour view that 'the way you act online or in game portrays or reflects on certain aspects of your real life nature and mannerisms'. If you cheat, lie, steal, scam or hack in a game such as this then you're even a lower base organism in real life. If you have the 'ability' for these traits in a game then your subconscious makeup more than caters for them in real life. As such once you're identified as such a 'blemish' in game do not bother trading, talking, liaising or interacting with me or my friends again.

The above is a core reason for our guild doing so well consistently - close knit group of trusted peoples, observed and trusted. I salute you all !

I love Noodles and Kangaroo steaks (and yes our national emblem is also edible, and yummily so).