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Just few things I have to say, this is a good guide for the most part but i have a few issues :x

Fiesta his hard to KO/survive at without good EQs, not everyone can get hold of a golden set so it's definitely not for everyone- especially at such a low level

If you're saying panacea is really important, you neglect to mention you have to have access to mirage island, which involves beating Don- another hard challenge.
And second, you say throughout that monkey T grass quest is annoying and tedious, yet panacea is exactly the same :x and some grass quests give way better tm than panacea (eg. ghost grass and rose grass) and some the same ( mermaid). You shouldn't just discredit them like that...

And finally you miss another very important MQ off of your list: NORA BIG @ NORA SEWER!
It's infinite times and give about the same exp as the old ghost blue fiesta did (about ~.9 each time). This is from lv126+ so is great if your TM is lacking for the 3rd job advancement. Just go to the far right side (on the dirt platform) and hunt them as they spawn, or if that spot is taken go to the top pipe!

I think, if you can get access to it, chaos tower has excellent potential for a 'hax' area- especially for AoE sheep. My wind/earth sheep has been grinding since around lv78 tm60something and is now lv103 tm90 (after about 2 weeks on and off, not all day grinding as some do). This is without a booster for the most part- and then only the current tm booster from the event.
If you can OHKO, do the extreme training quest (hunt 100 beetles) and 2byte quest on floor 2 and your TM will fly.
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