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Talking Broken's guide to Haxxing TM

Since thousands of years ago, Tricksters have been trying without success to haxx their TM. This is a guide dedicated to haxx your TM to godly levels.

Levels 1-35

Well, you can't really do much so just spam your levels so that you can equip thy Smexy Pharaoh Set.

Levels 35-50

There are a few options for you:

1. Do the monster quest at poppuri dungeon- they give decent amounts of TM and they can be repeated many many times. Pretty much 2 monster quests= 1 TM level

2. Do the Card Girl quests- all of them. ALL. You need a Sppo card, a Forest Mantis card and a Koom card. They give haxx TM exp.

3. Do the monster quest at phantom school- although it can only be done 5x, it gives pretty hax TM (190000). Oh dat ghost book.

4. Fiesta. The new fiesta is actually pretty scary, especially the second map available after 5 minutes. So unless you have over 500DP at this level, or you have a death wish, do not even touch this place, though it is a really good place to train TM.

5. Grass quests... but its pretty tedious...

...6. But not as tedious as the keeper julio's quest. Unless you have a driller boy/girl or a decently leveled sense type OR character with high DA, its probably a pain in the ass to drill up soooooo many items. BUT if you are willing to spend your time drilling for these items then you're on your way to haxxxxx TM. Haxxxxx.

Levels 51-70

1. MQ at Relics Dungeon. 5x only tho (there are 2).

2.MQ at Phantom School. 5x only tho.

3. Do that grass Monkey T quest thing at Oops (iirc). pretty tedious too.

4. If you can get it, Inky Muck Card Quest. Haxx TM.

5. Job advance at lv 60 since you'll be able to equip that cape for a longer time.

6.Julio's quest agn...

7.Fiesta...(if possible)

Levels 70-~109

1. Do that phantom school MQ again (5x only)...

2. Shadow CQ (card quest)at Phantom school.

3. If you have played for a while, you should have noticed this thing called "panacea" sold for quite a high price in trickster. This is one of the grass quests available to you at this level. Why the special mention though? Well, to do this quest you'll have to defeat Don, who is annoying and difficult to defeat. Only then can you gain access to mirage island, where you can do that quest. So if you decide to skip it, by all means.

4.Fiesta... (yet again if possible)

5.Julio's quests.

6. MQ at path to ghost blue. can be done INFINITE times. yeaaah. (at lv 95+)


You should be wondering why i put ~109. Well... the most important and the MQ that boasts one of the best TM exp-at the nora sewers which can be started at levels 110 and 126 respectively. These MQs can also be done infinitely amounts of times! There are a few places at which the nora bigs (lv 126+ mq) will spawn right after you've killed one (quoted from Lydasaurus - "Just go to the far right side (on the dirt platform) and hunt them as they spawn, or if that spot is taken go to the top pipe!").

Also, if you have hax equips, you might also want to try the Chaos Tower quests on the first few floors which will really boost your TM to crazy levels. (quoted from Lydasaurus again - "I think, if you can get access to it, chaos tower has excellent potential for a 'hax' area- especially for AoE sheep. My wind/earth sheep has been grinding since around lv78 tm60something and is now lv103 tm90 (after about 2 weeks on and off, not all day grinding as some do). This is without a booster for the most part- and then only the current tm booster from the event. If you can OHKO, do the extreme training quest (hunt 100 beetles) and 2byte quest on floor 2 and your TM will fly.")

By now you should realise that most of the TM boosting quests are given by:

Keeper Julio (drilling)
Monkey T (Grass)
Love Hunter Robin (Monster Quest)
Fiesta (Fiesta... duh)
Card Girl (Card Quest)

There are a few important MQs you should note - those that can be done infinitely many times. These will be the quests that feed you to your Haxx TM dream.

To find out more about which MQs you should take note off (you should try to do all), browse through all of the quests LHR gives: Love Hunter Robin - ggFTW Trickster Wiki

The next most important thing is SUICIDING. yes. suicide. before a certain level (like 120 or so), you would be able to lose ~2% exp and 0% Tm exp when you die. So before you reach that level, you should try to obtain as much TM as possible. Thus everytime your exp hits the 90%s, you can either go to the mines to suicide at the Mine Monster Quest areas (e.g. the infamous beetles) or suicide at Chaos Tower.

Once you hit level 120, you should try to suicide everytime you TM level up. or every few Tm levels. Anyway, that's as much as I can think of. If anyone can think of any other quests besides the quests given by the NPCs as stated above, please feel free to comment below. Also special thanks to Lydasaurus for giving such constructive comments . And of course, thank you for reading my guide.:e yes:

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